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Who we are and what we do in under 2 minutes. For those in a hurry ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you have more time, read the text below ๐Ÿ™‚

Who are Kitty and Mike?

Kitty and Mike Stone are a pair of authors from near Marburg an der Lahn. They were both born in the mid-1970s and got together in August 2017, publishing their first book together in February 2018. Nevertheless, it took until September 11, 2020 for Mike to make his Kitty his wife, not only under their joint author name, but also in accordance with applicable law.

As authors, they are mainly active in the field of dark romance, where they successfully combine romance and eroticism with a look at the darker side of human nature. Excursions into settings other than modern – for example historical, fantasy or paranormal – are always welcome.

In their private lives, they live together with a child, a cat and a huge amount of practically split-off personality parts, which they call “protagonists”. According to confirmed rumors, they are not only very active on Facebook, but even post videos about all kinds of thematic naughtiness on YouTube. Rumor has it that they even have a pinboard where their fans’ “knickers” are hung up like trophies. Other reprehensible things you might hear about are probably also totally true. Just as the contents of all her books are, of course, 666% based on true events and facts.

Oh, and they also call themselves professional liars, by the way, because they are “authors” โ€ฆ

Kitty is the slightly older and undoubtedly more beautiful half of the couple, who is pretty much idolized by her husband (who is also writing this whole text, by the way). She was already a successful romance author under her then real name Melanie Weber-Tilse before the couple met.

Her strengths – apart from her beauty, her erotic charisma, her intelligence, her wit and so much more – are above all her diligence, her creativity and her reliability. She is a damn down-to-earth person, but in her imagination she has been traveling in completely offbeat territory for a very long time. As an author, she can finally give shape to this and does so preferably with Mike, but not absolutely exclusively.

In addition to pure writing talent, she also has a lot of other skills that are very useful for writers. She is also the order in the creative chaos of the House of Stone and for that she is rightly treated like the queen that she arguably is. (Anyone who wants to disagree can make an appointment with Mike as soon as he has devised a foolproof method of making the remains of such miscreants disappear without a trace).

Mike, on the other hand, is โ€ฆ well, he’s definitely creative. So much so that for every book he completes, he has had at least half a dozen totally brilliant ideas on the way to completion, which his chaotic nature means he’s forgotten about by the time he can get around to it.

Mike – as the author of these lines knows from a foolproof source – really loves his Kitty and is extremely happy to be able to live the dream of being a writer with her. In return, he fearlessly faces up to little things like PMS or puking cats that have had to nibble on the ficus, which is actually a Dracaena Marginata (but who on earth cares about THAT?!).

What Kitty actually finds on Mike is still a mystery to science. It is thought to be solved as soon as the circle is squared. So it can only take until the day after tomorrow. But who would question the decision of a woman who loves her husband? At least not the author of these lines. He’s not stupid ๐Ÿ˜‰

Together, the Stones are a somewhat unusual duo who not only live together OR write together, but do both. And they are indecently happy together, still keen on each other despite their “advanced age” and somehow – without relying on the mainstream, bending or shitting themselves – also moderately successful.

If you want to get to know them better, feel free to stalk them on Facebook. Or even befriend them. They don’t put their entire private lives online, but rumor has it that he sometimes makes a touching declaration of love or she makes a cheeky joke in his direction. And of course there is always information about their books and sometimes even the opportunity to have a say.